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Action 52 is an unlicensed and multi-platform video game compilation. Active Enterprises developed it for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and was released in 1991, while FarSight Technologies developed the lesser-known Sega Genesis version. The Sega Genesis version was released almost two years later, in 1993. A Super NES version was advertised in magazines, but was never released.

The NES version of Action 52 is one of the most infamous video games ever released on any gaming platform for many reasons. Despite offering 52 games in a compilation package that was supposed to be a good value, few, if any, of the games are of good quality. Many gamers consider the compilation a rip-off, because most of the games are subpar compared to a regular Atari 2600 game. Although it cost 199 dollars for 52 games (or roughly four dollars for each game), it still offered far less content, playability, and fun than a normal-priced NES game. It skyrocketed in price after a review by the Angry Video Game Nerd in 2009.

The Genesis version is considered somewhat better, but it still has the core problems that plagued the NES version, like very limited playability and content.


Action 52 (GEN)Browse all games here:
  1. Go Bonkers!
  2. Darksyne
  3. Dyno Tennis
  4. Ooze
  5. Star Ball
  6. Sidewinder
  7. Daytona
  8. 15 Puzzle
  9. Sketch
  10. Star Duel
  11. Haunted Hill
  12. Alfredo
  13. Cheetahmen
  14. Skirmish
  15. Depth Charge
  16. Mind's Eye
  17. Alien Attack
  18. Billy Bob
  19. Sharks
  20. Knockout
  21. Intruder
  22. Echo
  23. Freeway
  24. Mousetrap
  25. Ninja
  26. Slalom
  27. Dauntless
  28. Force One
  29. Spidey
  30. Appleseed
  31. Skater
  32. Sunday Drive
  33. Star Evil
  34. Air Command
  35. Shootout
  36. Bombs Away
  37. Speed Boat
  38. Dead Ant
  39. G Fighter
  40. Man at Arms
  41. Norman
  42. Armor Battle
  43. Magic Bean
  44. Apache
  45. Paratrooper
  46. Sky Avenger
  47. Sharpshooter
  48. Meteor
  49. Black Hole
  50. The Boss
  51. 1st Video Game
  52. Challenge
Action 52 (NES)Browse all games here:
  1. Fire Breathers
  2. Star Evil
  3. Illuminator
  4. G-Force Fighters
  5. Ooze
  6. Silver Sword
  7. Critical Bypass
  8. Jupiter Scope
  9. Alfredo and the Fetucini's
  10. Operation Full Moon
  11. Dam Busters
  12. Thrusters
  13. Haunted Halls of Wentworth
  14. Chill Out
  15. Sharks
  16. Megalonia
  17. French Baker
  18. Atmos Quake
  19. Meong
  20. Space Dreams
  21. Streemerz
  22. Spread Fire
  23. Bubble Gum Rosie
  24. Micro Mike
  25. Underground
  26. Rocket Jockey
  27. Non-Human
  28. Cry Baby
  29. Slashers
  30. Crazy Shuffle
  31. Fuzz Power
  32. Shooting Gallery
  33. Lollipops
  34. Evil Empire
  35. Sombreros
  36. Storm Over the Desert
  37. Mash Man
  38. They Came...
  39. Lazer League
  40. Billy-Bob
  41. City of Doom
  42. Bits and Pieces
  43. Beeps and Blips
  44. Manchester Beat
  45. Boss
  46. Dedant
  47. Hambo's Adventures
  48. Time Warp Tickers
  49. Jigsaw
  50. Ninja Assault
  51. Robbie and the Robots
  52. Cheetahmen

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