Alfred n the Fettuccini’s

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  Alfred n the Fettuc (Alfredo) is the ninth game in Action 52. The full title of the game is listed as 'Alfredo and the Fetucini's' in the manual, but when starting the game from the menu it shows the title 'Alfred n the fettuc'.

Manual Information[edit | edit source]


The pasta has gotten out of control, and you've got to race the clock and get the spaghetti, linguine and other pasta back into the pot where it belongs.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This is one of two games that does not work on the cartridge, the other is Jigsaw (even being shown in the commercial). On the original cartridge, this game loads into a black screen following the screen displaying the level number.
  • Some revisions of the cartridge will play the game successfully on standard NES hardware. On most emulator copies of Action 52, the game works.
  • You can bypass the error of the game not booting on any revisions by using a Game Genie and enabling the code OKOZETNN. This code also works for Jigsaw, making the whole cartridge playable.
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