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Beeps n Blip (Beeps and Blips) is the fourty second game of the NES version of Action 52.


You take control of a ship and you need to kill a certain amount of ships to progress. The game has 8 levels. Collecting an 1up, you get the opportunity to withstand one more blow (max 4), and doesn't actually give you an extra life.

Manual Description[]


Robots, microscopic and humungous. Here they come. Ready your weapons and fire!


•This game is a replica of They Came. On level 8 however, the game glitches up, and neither the enemies, nor the player can die, making it impossible to finish.

•The Action 52 OWNZ project features a short, but intense remake of this game, which takes place inside of a spaceship. It features mostly the second level enemies, but also introduces new ones, a missile system, and even a bossfight.