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Billy Bob is the fortieth game of the NES version of Action 52.


In the game player control Billy Bob. The goal of the game is to complete levels by dodging arrows, jumping over pits and climbing ledges. In the game, you can shoot by pressing the A button. Climbing the ledges, the player needs to guess the moment, as spears and bricks randomly fall from the ceiling. The hardest part of the game is walking down the corridor close to the ceiling, due to the above reasons. Controls, as in many other Action 52 platformers, does not work well here. When jumping, you must quickly release the B button, as holding the button blocks movement.

Manual description[]


Marylou has disappeared. The bad guys have her, Billy-bob is stuck in jall and must find his way out from deep within this prison in the desert by traversing all of the levels and rescuing Marylou.


  • There is a glitch when you pass level 2 and get enter level 3. It teleports you to level 4 of the game Cheetahmen which it refers to level 3 instead of level 4.
  • However there is a way to get to the unused levels of Billy Bob by coding.