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Boss is the fourty fifth game of the NES version of Action 52.


You're a frog with a gun getting ambushed by other animals. The player needs to dodge the bombs, which is not easy. Also, sometimes enemies will shoot projectiles, and because of the slow jump, they are almost impossible to dodge.

At the end of each level, the player is waiting for the boss - a big toad in a cylinder. He has a dead pattern: he always goes left and right, without changing the area of movement. After 6 levels, the player goes back to the first one.

Manual description[]


The Toad is the Mafia boss who uses salamander hit men. They're all out to get you, but you can beat them as long as your partner, Spector keeps a good eye out for those bad guys.


• If you shoot at the moment the boss appears, then he will not appear, and you will forever remain on the level. Saves only the Reset button.