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Bublgum Rosy (Bubble Gum Rossie) is the twenty third game of the NES version of Action 52.


You play as a female character. Your goal is to bypass purple enemies, spit bubble gum at colored enemies and jump over blocks. In the second level, the game turns from a platformer to a driving game, similar to the vertical shooters on the cartridge.

Manual description[]


Rosie is looking for her gum, but so are a lot of other gum-starved critters. Help her get her gum back but be careful the critters don't get you first.


•This is the favorite game from the entire collection of one of the developers of Action 52 - Mario Gonzales. Mario came up with the main character for a reason, but took the image of his girlfriend, who constantly chewed bubble gum.

•Landing on spikes will not kill the player.

•This game is one of many cartridge platformers that has a glitch that causes you to die in mid-air by jumping from great heights. This is caused by the code being programmed in such a way that it has a timer telling the game when the sprite has been in the air for too long, causing you to die instantly.

•Should the player get a Game Over on level 2, upon restarting, the game will be completely glitched, loading level 1 as a driving game.

•The Action 52 OWNZ project produced a fully finished remake of this game, featuring 4 levels, various bubblegums & attacks, lots of new enemies, and two play-modes, including the classic one, where spikes won't hurt the player.