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Cheetahmen is the fifty second game and the last game of the NES version of Action 52.


Action 52 (USA) (Unl) 001

The Story

"The Action Gamemaster was at home playing his videogame. When suddenly...

An arm reached out of TV and pulled him inside....

When he looked up he saw three gigantic yellow bodies. It was the Cheetamen....

He began to explain.... The Cheetahmen told of the enemies here in Game World. Don't worry we will fight for you...

The Cheetahmen run off'.... ....and now.... 'The Cheetahmen

During this game you will have three Cheetahmen... A different one in every second level to fight for you......"


The player control 3 different Cheetahmen during the game over 2 levels :

  • Aries - This Cheetahmen uses clubs. He is playable in Level 1 and Level 2
  • Hercules - The strongest of the Cheetahmen, he fights using his fists. He is playable in Level 3 and Level 4
  • Apollo - This Cheetahmen uses a crossbow. He is playable in Level 5 and Level 6, the last two stages.


Level 1[]

Action 52 (USA) (Unl) 002

The first level of Cheetahmen

The first level of Cheetahmen is a grassland area, and the only 3D level in the game. In this stage, you play as Aries. Several enemies appear, like bats and a strange unnamed things like a shield. This level has two sections: the first section starts from a forest to a stair section, and the second section starts when the player goes up the stair and goes to the end of level. There's also a secret in this level: if you enter the second waterfall, you will enter Level 9, where you will recieve an extra life.

Level 2[]

Action 52 (USA) (Unl) 003

The Second Level of Cheetahmen.

The second level of Cheetahmen is like a Ice Palace. In this stage, you play as Aries. Some of the enemies that appear in this level are Saddam Hussein, from Storm Over the Desert. This is the first level to feature a boss and the last level where Aries playable. The boss is The Hyaena. The level has two sections, and it's the first 2D level.


Level 3[]


The third level of Cheetahmen

The third level of Cheetahmen is a robot city like palace. This time you play as Hercules. The levels of this game features enemies reused from Ooze and Robbie The Robot. There is also a secret hideout which also enters you to level 9, give you an extra life, and skip you to level 4.

Level 4[]


The fourth level of Cheetahmen.

The fourth level of Cheetahmen is a more sewer like place. This time the enemies are reused from Slashers. Also this is the last level you play as Hercules. Also this is the second level were you fight a boss, which you fight White Rhino. This is the only one which you see a health bar. However, it is called Level 3 again for some reason, but possibly because of the glitch that happens after you beat level 2 in Billy-Bob.

Level 5[]


The fifth level of Cheetahmen

The fifth level of Cheetahmen is a more brick place. This is the first level which you play as Apollo. Just like in Level 1 and Level 3, it has a hidden level 9, but if you get out of there unlike in Level 1 and Level 3, it takes you to a glitchy Level 10. It also incorrectly is called Level 4.

Level 6[]


The sixth level of Cheetahmen

This sixth level of Cheetahmen is a more cave like place. This is the last level of Cheetahmen, the last one to play as Apollo, and is the last one of to have a boss at the end. The boss is called Scavenger. It also incorrectly calls it as Level 5.

The Glitchy Level 10 on Cheetahmen[]


The Glitchy Level 10 on Cheetahmen

If you go to the level 9 place at Level 5, or sometimes a rare occurence around the other parts of the game. It will take you to level 10, which the entire screen and colors are glitching, you also play as Apollo, and most of time you can easily die, but there is a rare chance where you can get pass it and defeat the boss, which the boss is Scavenger again.

Manual description[]


Boy gets dragged into the TV while playing video game, changes character into one of three "CHEETAH MEN" and must fight off all of the bad guys from the previous 51 games.


  • This game was made to be the main attraction in Action 52, in a attempt to make the Cheetahmen a great franchise. Because that, the game was very highlighted and got important roles like:
    • It was the last game in the menu screen.
    • Hercules appears in the Title Screen.
    • Highlight in the Instruction Manual.
    • A TV Commercial starring the 3 Cheetahmen was produced, but most likely not aired.
    • This is the only game on the cartridge to start with a story.
    • The story in the game does not match the original story printed in the comic book that came with the game.
    • The only game in Action 52 with a (planned) sequel.
    • The name of the game (The Action Game Master) was translated as "The Atomic Game Master" for other languages in the manual.
    • The enemies that were reused were the jumping ooze blobs (which have a blue color), the women enemy from slashers, and Saddam Hussein. There were also the turret enemies from Robbie and the Robots.
    • The game's prototype was built using assets that you can see in Ooze.
    • This game's prototype was released in 2011 by Greg Pabich as a kickstarter. It was seen as a scam at the time, due to how much money Pabich wanted for the game (he also released a bug-fixed version of Cheetahmen II, named Cheetahmen II: The Lost Levels).