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Chill Out is the fourteenth game in the NES version of Action 52.


You play as an Inuit, trying to kill other Inuit in an icy area. If you fall off the edge, you die.

The person you are playing as is blue, while the enemies are gray. In some instances, enemies will get stuck in place and can not move, this is also an existing issue in Illuminator.

Manual description[]


Old man winter is at the top and is your goal, but it keeps snowing and he's blowing. You must reach the top before you get snowed under.


  • Chill Out is one of the many games which there is a glitch that you can die by touching the air.
  • Enemies often spasm or completely halt.
  • The game’s name is a pun on the idiom (chill out).
  • The Action 52 OWNZ project have seen this game remade as well, where an eskimo must stop the evil Old Man Winter from snowing everyone under. The final level takes place high in the skies, among the winter clouds, featuring a unique boss-battle.