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Evil Empire is the thirty fourth game of the Nes version of Action 52.


'Evil Empire' is one of the more ambiguous games to be found in this compilation. It is set in the Middle-East on account of the minarets (Arab towers) that are to be found at the top of the screen amid a purple background. It is not clear what "evil empire" the game designer was referring to but it's probably Persia.

While the gameplay is simple enough as it just involves shooting enemies while jumping from one platform to another, it has a variety of problems which impact the general playability and gameplay. The most obvious issue is that the game has tiny sprites, especially for a NES game, which makes it hard to distinguish between the characters on screen. Also, like most games in the 'Action 52' cartridge, if you jump from a certain height you will die in midair rather than hitting and dying on the ground.

The main character is wearing a blue costume while the other characters all have a different color. One of the enemies is flying on a magical carpet which is famous in Arab folklore. There are five different levels in total. In order to progress from one level to another, you have to shoot enemies and collect purple gems.

Manual description[]


Arabian desert has bad Arabians and genie's. Hasha, the warlord has stolen the great genie. With it he will rule the land, unless you can defeat his evil empire and save the genie.