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Fire Breathers is the first game on the NES version of Action 52. It is the only direct two player game in the entire compilation.


Two players take control of two dragons. The first player controls the red/pink dragon, while the second player controls the blue one. Both players can move in 4 directions (graphically) and shoot fireballs with A. The objective is to defeat the other player by shooting out fireballs. Some stages have walls in the form of castles. These castles can be shot through, though. Occasionally, enemies will spawn in random positions. These include:

  • Fireballs that spin around on the spot
  • Pac-man esque spinning objects that move around randomly
  • A circle within a square that homes in on the first player dragon

Since 'Fire Breathers' is the only two player game on the cartridge (not counting the Genisis version), people noted it was rather odd why the developer wanted to make it the first game players can select from a total of 52 games rather than any other single-player game.

Manual Information[]

"It's the last of the dragon wars. You must kill the dragon riders in the midnight skies and bring victory to the kingdom."


  • When transitioning between levels, the hit sound for the killing blow of the last round can be heard at the start of the next.