The 31st game in the NES 'Action 52' catalog is called 'Fuzz Power' and it is a platformer. It is considered to be a more inspired effort than some of the other games by some critics because of its original gameplay, at least when compared to the other games in 'Action 52'.[1]

Gameplay Edit

The unique concept of this game involves a gnomish and hairy main character who appears to be battling against all of the equipment you would normally find in a barber's shop like hairdryers and combs. These constitute the main enemies of the game.

Although 'Fuzz' (to give an appropriate name to the titular main character) can use his massive feet to destroy his enemies, who presumably want to give him a good haircut, the main attack consists of a roll. As Fuzz gets hit, he loses more and more hair on his body until he becomes naked and dies. Therefore, the hair on Fuzz's body in this game acts like a health bar.

Trivia Edit

  • A classic quote from the popular youtuber 'AVGN' used to describe this game's titular character: "Well, fuzz is right. You're some guy with a big nose, big feet and lots of fuzz."[2]
  • There is a game you can download based on 'Fuzz Power' with the same name. Although the game can be downloaded for free, the developer states that he would appreciate a small, voluntary donation.[3]

References Edit

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Gallery Edit

Fuzz Power 1

Fuzz without his hair, indicating poor health

Fuzz Power New 1

The new 'Fuzz Power' game. The first boss is a barber, Fuzz's worst nightmare!

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