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Fuzz Power is the thirty first game of the NES version of Action 52.



Fuzzy's movements left and right are controlled by the player via the NES controller's directional pad. The A button on the NES controller will cause Fuzzy to attack enemies by rolling into a ball and the B button will make Fuzzy jump. Ultimately, as in most action platform games, the player must navigate Fuzzy through different levels by utilizing his moving, jumping, and attack abilities.


The levels in Fuzz Power take place outdoors in a natural forest setting and they contain obstacles that must be avoided, like enemies and chasms. The game's levels scroll from left to right and do not contain the ability to reverse course since the levels will not scroll back once the player advances. The player finishes a level when they have gone a pre-determined distance in that level. Upon finishing a level the player is advanced to the next level. The game contains five different enemies: A comb, a brush, a hair dryer, a green bush, and a bomb. Some of these enemies emit projectiles. The player progresses through the game by either destroying a given enemy by attacking them, or simply avoiding contact with the given enemy and its projectiles. If Fuzzy comes into to contact with an enemy, he takes damage and will look different.

Character Transformations[]

Fuzzy's sprite starts off as a hairy man with a big nose and pair of feet. If Fuzzy comes into contact with an enemy, he loses some of his hair. The first time Fuzzy contacts an enemy he loses about half of his hair and the second time Fuzzy loses all of the hair on his body and appears completely bald and nude. If Fuzzy comes into contact with any enemies in his bald state, the game ends and the player is returned to the beginning of the level. The player knows how much life power Fuzzy has by his displayed sprite. Interestingly, Fuzzy's sprite design of a man with an overly large nose and pair of feet is very similar to the design of the main character in the Action 52 game Mash Man, though Mash Man wears copious winter gear in contrast to Fuzzy who is depicted full nude.

Manual description[]


Fuzzy must get to the land of Guru. He's got to avoid the walking brushes hair dryers, combs and other natural hair disasters, because if he losses all of his hair he's bald and the game is over.


•While playing the game the player will notice what appears to be a gray power meter of some sort that resembles life meters in other Action 52 games. Since the meter is unchanging and serves no purpose, it is believed to be a glitch or oversight in the programming.

•While playing the game the player will often notice that the game has trouble displaying several sprites at one time, especially if those sprites lie together horizontally. When this happens the result is for some of the sprites to flash and become invisible possibly making it difficult to see Fuzzy, the enemies, and projectiles.

•Ultimately, the third level of Fuzz Power cannot be finished since it contains a chasm that is too long to jump over. Thus, the game cannot be played past this point in the third level unless a method of cheating is used (such as a game genie). It is speculated that this chasm was programmed this way on purpose to prevent the player from reaching any higher levels, since those levels were not finished in time for the game release.

•A classic quote from the popular youtuber 'AVGN' used to describe this game's titular character: "Well, fuzz is right. You're some guy with a big nose, big feet and lots of fuzz."

•There is a remake of the game for the Action 52 OWNZ project, you can download based on 'Fuzz Power' with the same name. Although the game can be downloaded for free, the developer states that he would appreciate a small, voluntary donation.

•The theme from the level will then migrate to the opening intro of Cheetahmen 2.










Fuzz Power 1

Fuzzy in his completely bald and nude state, indicating poor health.

Fuzz Power New 1

The new 'Fuzz Power' game. The first boss is a barber, Fuzz's worst nightmare!