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'Illuminator' is the third game in 'Action 52' and the first platformer game.


The objective of game is to illuminate the building you're located in for a brief period of time (around one second) by killing the enemies on each floor. There are 3 enemies, vampires, "shades" and black palette swaps of the vampires, all of which act the same, but with different speeds. Along with these are bats, which move through walls and home in on the player.

In this game, by pressing the 'A' button you can shoot and pressing 'B' makes you jump. There are different levels with minor differences (for example, the colours of the building and enemies change). In fact, the biggest difference between one level and another is that the floors get tinier as you progress to add to the challenge (refer to the gallery).

Manual Information[]

"The Illuminator must find his sister in the dark. He must also find batteries if his get weak and can use a special spotlight to kill the enemies. Can also get additional flashlights, but he must be careful of enemies like shadows, vampires and others."


  • Enemies will often get stuck in place "dancing".
  • Bats will despawn if they touch you while standing at the edges of the screen.
  • Falling down a hole will make the player die in mid-air.
  • Batteries can be collected on level 5, but they do not have any effects.


  • It's the first game to use the jump button (B).
  • The rooms of this game have lamps, but they appear to be only for decoration.
  • A sprite for the Illuminator’s sister was made, but it was never used in the final game.
  • The game was remade within the Action 52 OWNZ project, with full houses to infiltrate, multiple enemies, health and flashlight powerups, and even various light-sources which can illuminate certain dark areas and thus weaken or show the monsters.


Illuminator 1

Another example of a different level.