Jigsaw is the forty-ninth game on the NES version of Action 52.

Gameplay Edit

In the game, you play as a construction worker fighting living construction tools.


  • This is one of the two games that do not work on the Revision A of the cartridge; the other is Alfred n the Fettuc.
  • Just like Alfred n the Fettuc, some revision copies allow the game to work. On most emulators, the game is playable.
  • Even pushing the reset button and going back to the game it’s still black.
  • You can bypass the error of the game not booting on any revisions by using a Game Genie and enabling the code OKOZETNN. This code also works for Alfredo, making the whole cartridge playable.


Action 52 - Jigsaw - Full Playthrough

Action 52 - Jigsaw - Full Playthrough

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