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Lollipops is the thirty third game of the NES version of Action 52.


There are not so many platformers on 'Action 52' like 'Lollipops' as most of them are shooter games so it is already something of an anomaly. Moreover, the unusual gameplay and candy-themed design of 'Lollipops' make this game one of the weirdest in the entire collection.

First of all, in this game the protagonist wields a lollipop rather than a sword or a gun (as in a regular platformer). Another odd thing is that the enemies in this game are pieces of candy, like gumballs and bonbons.

The controls are as bad as the other games in 'Action 52'. For example, one odd gameplay decision in this game is that to climb a ladder you need to jump rather than to press 'up' on the D-pad and the regular controls of an NES game are inverted (you jump with 'B' rather than the other way round).

Falling for more than a certain height results in life lost but attacking mid-air resets the distance. In addition, reaching the bottom of the screen while attacking causes player to reappear at the top of the screen. Another glitch is the completely scrubbed music of level 3.

Manual description[]


The chocolade moster have taken Lolli. You are Johnny Jawbreaker and must try to rescue her.


  • While on the compilation's selection screen this game is called 'Lollipops', on the game's menu screen it is called 'Lollipop'.
  • There is another game with a similar title called 'Lollipop Chainsaw', released in 2012 by Warner Bros. Interactive.[1] However, despite the similar titles, they are completely unrelated to each other in both concept and design.
  • This is one of the few games with different stages having different pieces of music. The theme of Level 1 uses the melody of Somethin' Stupid composed by Carson Parks.
  • Although there was a remake preview of this game for the Action 52 OWNZ project, no finished project was ever released.