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Manchester (Manchester Beat) is the fourty fourth game of the NES version of Action 52.


The player takes control of a boy who can fight with his fists by pressing the A button, and also knows how to jump by pressing the B button. The main character will have to fight with projectiles flying at him and gray guys with mohawks. At the end of the level there is a boss - a fiery man, flying along the same trajectory. The game has 3 levels. After passing the 3rd, the game returns the player to the 1st.

Manual Description[]


You must try to keep the rhythm but noisy little critters won't let you. Roll the drums and they go away temporarily, but they'll be back.


•During each jump, the music stops and the jump sound begins to play.

•If you fall into the pit, you won't die, but you will end up below the screen. After jumping, you will reappear on the screen.

•The name is likely a reference to the real-life Manchester, England. A city well known for its musical export. ‘Manchester Beat’ was its own, regional genre of 1960s beat music from the city itself.