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Meong is the nineteenth game of the NES version of Action 52.


It is a minesweeper-type. This is the game where most people don't know how to play, but what you need to do is move the icon past the field safely without dying, so that means you need to wait a few seconds to see where the danger spots are. Make sure you move. If you don't. You will explode. Repeat this for four levels and your done. Unlike most games on the cartridge, it isn't randomized.

Manual description[]


Board game of strategy and skill. Try to get pieces from starting line to goal. Watch out for hidden crapes. Harder than it sounds.


  • Your character has "A52" on it
  • On higher places during a level, the game often confuses safe tiles with trapped tiles. The player can step onto a pit or trap tile and survive while dying on safe tiles.
  • The Action 52 OWNZ project produced a remake of this game as well, featuring the Midnight Rogue breaking into a tomb of Emperor Meong. The remake features a password system, multiple environments with specialized traps, inverted control rooms, collapsing floors, toxic sludge rising from below, Sokoban-style puzzles, and much more.