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Ninja Assault is the fiftieth game of NES version of Action 52.


Level 1.

The first level is a beat'em'up. You play as a ninja and destroy enemies (other ninjas, dogs and birds). To kill birds, you need to jump and attack. Dogs are very fast so good reaction will come in handy for you.

Level 2.

In the second level you must defeat the boss. For defeat the boss you need atrack him, but sometimes he will pull you towards him, in which case you will have to go in the opposite direction.

Level 3.

In the third level you must jump on logs and get to the end of the level. Remember: do not jump on moving logs, touching which you will immediately lose your life. There are no enemies at the level.

Level 4.

In the fourth level you must jump on mountain ledges and defeat final boss. Birds are the only enemies here. Hit the final boss and depending on the version of the game, you either get stuck or start the game over.

Manual description[]

The Master has given you the task to defeat the Zin-Zan evil ninjas tribes. Prove you are worthly, defeat the evil tribe while avoiding the Chinese stars and other objects.


•Due to glitches in the fourth level, sprites turn into a mess, so it's impossible to understand what the boss looks like in the game itself, but in the program code of the game there is a sprite of the final boss - this is the head of a dragon crawling out of the cave.