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Non Human is the twenty seventh game of the NES version of Action 52.


You play as a certain creature. You have to level, kill brags, jump over projectiles and jump over voids. There is only one level in the game, after passing it it is repeated.

Manual description[]


They're not human. They have a mind of their own. They are hungry and they want you as their next meal. Get them before they get you.


•Most players cannot get past the second jump due to a control glitch. If you hold down the B button, the movement is blocked. To jump over the abyss, you need to quickly press B.

•The walkway of the starting area leads to a dead-end where the player cannot backtrack.

•Projectiles have bad hit detection.

•During the Action 52 OWNZ project, this game was also remade into a highly enjoyable "Body Horror" 2D-shooter with a hero in a mech-suit fighting against mutated humans. It includes two difficulties, several grotesque enemy designs, special weapon, upgrade purchases, an unique accumulating score system, multiple subweapons (such as missiles, carpet-bombs, novabomb) and multiple bossfight, including the "Green Elton John" monster. The newest, currently unreleased version of the game even features a cinematic intro, multiple players and selectable robots with different weapon and health stats.