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Sharks is the fifteenth game on the NES version of Action 52.


All the gameplay is just waiting for sharks (or jellyfish in level 3) to appear and shoot them, and if you touch any of the enemies, you die.

Manual description[]


You are a frogman and must collecte rare marine creatures and recover lost treasures at the bottom of the sea. You have your stun-gun and can always retreat into your electro magnetic base that that repels sharks and the rest of the enemies. Your diving suit can only survive a few sharks bites and is useless against the deady jelly fish.


  • The player can actually can go through the ground of the background
  • Most of the sharks on the game are gray, but sometimes, they're completely white
  • In the Sega genesis version there is blood
  • This game is very similar to another game on the NES - Jaws.