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Slashers is the twenty ninth game of the NES version of Action 52.


The game consists of two levels, rounded off in an endless loop. The game is a beat 'em' up, where your task is to kill enemies and go to the end of the level. You can hit with your hand or foot, but they are identical in recoil. If you just press buttons and hope for the best, then you are more likely to be killed. Therefore, follow this tactic, without it you will not even go through these two levels: when the enemy almost came into a tight one, press the hit button and step back a little, if you did everything right, then you inflicted damage on the enemy. Deal five blows to the enemy and he is defeated. This trick works absolutely with all opponents.

Manual description[]


They are everywhere. Mean guys with nails that are nine inch knives and they like to slash everything that comes into there path. Don't gei in their way or your the next victim.


  • The music is one of the few that utilizes a triangle wave. In even-numbered levels, the triangle wave is off-sync.
  • Enemies can be completely avoided, the player can sidestep any enemy in the game.