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Sombreros is the thirty fifth game of the NES version of Action 52.


The objective is simple enough, reach the other end of the level while avoiding cars and while disposing of your 'competition', who are found strolling about on the game's map. Picking up a sombrero gives 1 free hit.

Manual description[]


A Chivato (thief) has stolen all of the sombrero's. You must use your pistola, take the law into your own hands and gget them back.


  • A sombrero is a broad-brimmed straw or felt hat, typically worn in Mexico and the south-western United States.
  • This game's Wild-West theme might have been inspired by the famous arcade game 'Gun.Smoke', released by Capcom in 1985. 'Gun.Smoke' is a vertical, top-down shooter game like 'Sombreros' as well.
  • Within the Action 52 OWNZ project, the game earned a very well-made remake with 3 different levels, featuring many different enemies and obstacles, along with bossfights and puzzles.