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Space Dreams is the twentieth game of the NES version of Action 52.



The pacifier can move up, down, left, and right with the control pad. The A button fires a projectile from the pacifier and up the screen, defeating any enemy it touches. Pressing "start" will pause the game and holding "start" and "select" will return the player to the game's main menu, from which the player can return to the Action 52 game select screen.


The levels in Space Dreams all take place in oddly-textured outer space levels. There are many different enemies, like teddy bears, safety pins, and dolls, which will descend from the top of the screen and move down in an attempt to hit the player's pacifier. In addition to the enemies, there are "sun spots" embedded into the level design that serve as obstacles that must be avoided. Some of the enemies will shoot projectiles of their own that will descend from the top of the screen and will also try to hit the player's pacifier. All of the enemies' movements are the same, that is, they only move directly down and cannot move horizontally or back up the screen. If the player's pacifier gets hit either by an enemy or a projectile the game will end, the player will lose a life, and the player will have to start over again from the beginning of the level in which the player died. The player has three lives, and when those lives are exhausted the player must start again from the beginning of level 1. There are 12 levels, all of them very similar. A player finishes a level when they have gone a predetermined distance in that level. There are no bosses and there is no ending.

Ending Controversy[]

Space Dreams has no ending. When level 12 is completed the player will simply be brought back to the beginning of level 1. This is in contradiction to the game's story which states that the goal is to reach a black hole which will help the player realize their dreams. The game contains no black hole, nor does it contain any information on what dreams the player attains. Two groups eventually formed that debated as to whether the game lacked an ending on purpose, or if this is just one of the many glitches and/or unfinished parts for which Action 52 is infamous. The first group, formed in 2001 by an online blogger who simply went by the name of "Omnis", argued there was an ending and claimed to have uncovered hidden data for one through a detailed search of the game's source code as was done when finding a hidden title screen to another Action 52 game, French Baker. A second group formed later, headed by the duo known only as "Messenger of the Sky" and "Messenger of the Earth" who broke off of Omnis' group, that claimed to have determined there was no ending to the game and that Omnis was being deceptive. Both groups claimed they were correct, though no evidence of an ending is currently known to exist. Omnis claimed he lost the evidence when his home was ransacked by government officials early in 2004.

Manual description[]


There is a black hole and on the other side all your space dreams. You must get past all of the obstacles to enter the hole and realize your dreams.


•Like most Action 52 games, the game suffers from the inability to display multiple sprites, especially when lined up vertically. When multiple sprites are displayed some of the sprites will flash between a state of being visible and invisible, making gameplay more awkward and difficult.

•The game suffers from a very low frame rate and is extremely choppy and lacks fluidity of movement. This can make game play both difficult and frustrating.

•Though it is not completely known if it is a glitch or not, the game nonetheless lacks any sort of ending or confirmation of completion. The game will simply return the player to the first level after the final level has been completed. "Omnis", an online blogger, claimed to have uncovered a partially-programmed ending, but lost the evidence after a government raid on his home. Some of Omnis' associates claim he was lying about the discovery.

•Even though the Action 52 OWNZ project would feature a remake of this game, it was not included within the last release, and save for a preview video, nothing else is known about it.


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