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Star Evil
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Type of Game

Vertical Shooter

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Star Evil is the second game of NES version of Action 52.

It's the first game on the cartridge that has a space theme, which is a common theme in the list of games. A lot of these share the same code for the boss and the way you play the game.


The player controls a ship. Pressing the A button makes you shoot small projectiles. The objective is to reach the end of each level and defeat the boss. The boss moves in a way which can be quite difficult to dodge, being programmed to move in random intervals, ignoring tiles and objects.

Manual Description[]


The star gets brighter until there is no night. Then the fire creatures come out to rule and defeat you but kill them all and bring back the night.


  • This game is infamous for putting an obstacle at the start of each level, where, if you don't avoid it, you crash the ship and you lose a life.
  • The boss won't appear if you spam your bullets. This is due to the sprite limit exceeding, resulting in the end boss not appearing.
  • If you spam your bullets just before you reach the boss; because of the aforementioned bug, the game will freeze.
  • None of the enemies shoot to your ship; not even the boss.
  • Level 4 is impossible to beat. In this level, the game glitches up; instead of showing the level, it shows a gray or pinkscreen and slowed-down music.
  • However, if you cheat in Star Evil, you can go to level and all the way to level 9, level 5 is the same as level 4, while level 6 to level 9, it is normal like the first 3 levels, however the colors and graphics are glitching.
  • The spaceships' sprites look very strange. Your spaceship looks like a menorah, while the boss has been described by players to look like a birthday cake.