Star Evil
02 - Star Evil

Type of Game

Vertical Shooter

Menu Name




Star Evil is the second game of NES version of Action 52 and is the first space shooter, but the second shooter game because Fire Breathers has you shoot fire at the other player.


The player controls a ship. Pressing A makes the ship shoot. The objective is to reach the end of each level and defeat the boss. Unfortunately, even if you don't trigger the glitch, the boss moves in a way which is impossible to dodge.

Manual Description


The star gets brighter until there is no night. Then the fire creatures come out to rule and defeat you but kill them all and bring back the night.


  • This game is infamous for putting an obstacle at the start of each level, where, if you don't avoid it, you crash the ship and you lose a life.
  • The boss won't appear if you spam your bullets. This is a bug.
  • If you spam your bullets just before you reach the boss; because of the aforementioned bug, the game will freeze.
  • None of the enemies shoot to your ship; not even the boss.
  • Level 4 is impossible to beat. In this level, the game glitches up; instead of showing the level, it shows a gray or pinkscreen and slowed-down music.
  • However if you cheat on Star Evil, you can go to level and all the way to level 9, level 5 is the same as level 4, while level 6 to level 9, it is normal like the first 3 levels, however the colors and graphics are glitching.
  • The spaceships look very strange, your spaceship looks like a menorah while the boss looks like a birthday cake.
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