'Storm Over The Desert' is the 36th game in the 'Action 52' library. It also is one of the only two NES 'Action 52' games to have a title screen.

Gameplay Edit

'Storm Over the Desert' is a shooter game in which you play as an American tank in what is supposed to be the Middle-East. It is one of those games in 'Action 52' in which you cannot lose, die or be damaged at all. For this reason, the gameplay is very basic as it just involves the destruction of all the enemies on screen without any form of penalty to the player.

If you touch an enemy in this game, like a tank or a soldier, instead of shooting them, they will literally explode without inflicting any type of damage to you. Sometimes it is easier to purposefully 'crash' into enemies rather than shooting them for this reason. Saddam Hussein, who appears randomly on the game map after some time, also disappears when touched and serves no purpose other than to offer a different enemy to the player.

Trivia Edit

  • You are invincible in this game.
  • Saddam Hussein appears on the title screen and was also re-used as an enemy in 'Cheetahmen'.
  • Saddam was a notorious president of Iraq who was known mainly for his opposition of the United States and the Western World. That might be the reason why he was used as a boss-type enemy figure in this game.
  • The game's title might be a reference to 'Operation: Desert Storm' from the Gulf War. 'Operation: Desert Storm' was a war led by the United States against Iraq in response to Iraq's invasion of Kuwait in 1991 ('Action 52' was also released later that year).
  • The Sega Genesis version of 'Action 52' features a game that is considered the Genesis counterpart to 'Storm Over the Desert' called 'Norman'. Unlike 'Storm Over the Desert', in 'Norman' you're not invincible and can actually die.

Gallery Edit

Storm over the desert

Saddam Hussein appears!

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