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Streemerz is the 21st game on Action 52.

Gameplay Edit

Using the B button will shoot the streamers and you must pull the clown up to each platform to reach the top, avoiding any other sprites on the platforms.

Manual Information Edit


Try climbing to the top of this one by throwing steamers and climbing them. On your way up you better watch out for the various pie throwing clowns, burning candles and bouncing balls, because if they get you you'll die a little each time.

Trivia Edit

  • Once you reach the top platform the game doesn't end (crashes), you must reset the game to get back to the menu.
  • After selecting the game to show the player option screen, there is no title shown.

Bugs Edit

  • Some sprites may quickly change the direction they're facing whilst staying in place.

Gallery Edit

Action 52 (USA) (Unl) - Nestopia 2018.03.02. 8 51 13

The lack of a title!

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