Time Warp Tickers

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Time Warp



Time Warp Tickers is the 48th game on Action 52 (NES).

Gameplay Edit

You play as a creature resembling two human fingers "flicking" at enemies such as worms, rectangular objects with smiling faces, spinning clocks, blue eyeball creatures with legs, and black objects on legs. The game has the same engine as the other "platformer" games such as Ooze, meaning it has the same physics issues present. The game also only consists of 2 stages before returning to the start screen.

Manual Description Edit

As the Ticker continues, you must stop the hour blasters and jump the time warp to stop the Tickers.

Trivia Edit

  • The music like many of the games on the cartridge has plagiarized music stolen from an Atari ST game called "The Music Studio", this game's music was ripped off a song called "Boogie" by Ed Bogus.
  • The game has sprites loaded for an enemy resembling a key, but never seen in the game.
  • Some people are shocked seeing the game, because you play as fingers in a wacky world with when things die it says "Time?"
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